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Welcome to CHAMP Chiropractic and Fitness

Family Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Norma Tec, Rehabilitation, Infrared Sauna and Chromotherapy.

CHAMP Chiropractors don’t just adjust.  CHAMP is a chiropractic wellness center that focuses on YOU. A chiropractic visit at CHAMP is never just a routine adjustment sometimes your visit may not even include an adjustment.  Dr. Ian focuses on your individual biomechanics.  He will perform a functional movement screen to learn about your deficiencies and develop a treatment plan that will make you perform and feel better.  Chiropractic visits at CHAMP often include soft tissue or muscle work like GRASTONART, Massage Therapy Norma Tec Treatments, Infrared Sauna or Cold Laser.  CHAMP Chiropractors believe and practice the belief that an adjustment without muscle therapy isn’t enough to eliminate pain and heal an injury.


CHAMP’s philosophy for chiropractic adjustments is to review your individual biomechanics, stabilization and mobility of the joints.  Dr. Ian Stone integrates soft tissue work/ muscle work, manipulation, and rehabilitation for a comprehensive chiropractic treatment.

12574 Promise Creek Ln Ste 130
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